Website Packages

Every serious business knows that social media isn’t enough.

In Southeast Missouri, most small businesses have come to interact with their clients or customers directly via Facebook, Instagram, or the newer platform, TikTok. While social media is and should be a valuable tool in the arsenal of every business, it’s not always enough to ensure that a company grows and thrives.

To truly thrive as a business…

Every company is going to need its own space that can showcase its own products and services on its own terms. This is especially true for eCommerce platforms or for personal contractors like handymen, electricians, or plumbers.

With a website, these and others are able to show off their products, advertise sales, and ensure that there is a permanent window into your business, accessible to the client or customer 24/7 without interruption or distractions from the feeds of everyone else on any platform.

There are many things a website can do for a business that social media can’t. These include:

  • Allowing you to share the story of your brand your way without fear of being reported, flagged, or monitored by your competitors attempting to undercut you
  • Giving you the options to customize your customers’ experience by changing branding or layouts and other design elements of your page or profile. With social media, your business is always their business (they make money off you)
  • Selling large amounts of products or services without having to compete with others in the same web space, vying for your customers’ business
  • Giving you control over your own site’s user policies without first being subject to someone else’s (the social media platforms’ policies)
  • Allowing you to monetize your content or add to your bottom line via online ads
  • And much more!